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Iphone blogging

So now I can blog frommy iphone maybe now I will actuallyblpg.


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Chris Farley Lives

Chris Farley Lives

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Why didnt this commercial ever get aired ? :)

Definitely creepy but still very funny

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Disney-Themed Forza 2 Paint Jobs…INSANE

I love Forza 2 for the Xbox 360. If only I had a fraction of the talent this person has to create these amazing designs. Worth checking out.

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Autistic Savant can sculpt 99% accurate clay models in minutes!

This guy is incredible. Look at this models and especially his horses. Artists go back and refine over and over and this guy just makes it the first time right off the bat. Pretty beast if you ask me, too bad he lost other abilities to gain this one. I’d sell my models if I were him. Minutes making thousands, hey better than what I make!

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Flash Starcraft

How long before Blizzard takes this site down

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Blogging again

Well I decided I would try this blogging thing again. Stay tuned for some stuff..

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Fire Isiah Thomas now !!!

If you havent heard yet Isiah Thomas in his infinite wisdom acquired Steve “Franchise” Francis for Penny Hardaway and Trevor Ariza earlier today and added another over-priced supposed to be a superstar guard to the roster. I guess they are going to play 3 guards at once with Steph at the 1 and Franchise at the 2 and Jamal Crawford at the 3. You know what why not just make it a 5 guard starting roster and thats it. Now I am no expert but even I think I can run the Knicks better then him. The first thing I would do is fire Isiah Thomas. Then I would trade the whole roster for whatever players or anything for that matter. I would then forfeit the season since this season was over weeks ago and why continue shitting on the Knicks franchise. I would then begin to do whatever I can to acquire the 1st round pick so I can draft J.J Reddick. I would then build my team around him and all would be well
Heres some more crap to piss you off further about Isiah’s “plans” for the Knicks.

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NewEgg Tour

I love shopping on NewEgg’s site they have everything a geek would want and they have it at a great price and you get it very fast. Anandtech was lucky enough to get a tour of one of NewEgg’s facilities. Take a look

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Of course this has been all over the news. But no one covers this story better then Jon Stewart and the Daily Show crew. After watching this dont you feel like blowing the dust off your NES and playing some Duck Hunt.

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