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Fire Isiah Thomas now !!!

If you havent heard yet Isiah Thomas in his infinite wisdom acquired Steve “Franchise” Francis for Penny Hardaway and Trevor Ariza earlier today and added another over-priced supposed to be a superstar guard to the roster. I guess they are going to play 3 guards at once with Steph at the 1 and Franchise at the 2 and Jamal Crawford at the 3. You know what why not just make it a 5 guard starting roster and thats it. Now I am no expert but even I think I can run the Knicks better then him. The first thing I would do is fire Isiah Thomas. Then I would trade the whole roster for whatever players or anything for that matter. I would then forfeit the season since this season was over weeks ago and why continue shitting on the Knicks franchise. I would then begin to do whatever I can to acquire the 1st round pick so I can draft J.J Reddick. I would then build my team around him and all would be well
Heres some more crap to piss you off further about Isiah’s “plans” for the Knicks.


February 22, 2006 - Posted by | Isiah Thomas blows, Knicks, things that make me sick


  1. New York dont need another guard nucca… they need a solid big man, that dominates in the paint!

    Comment by duke sucks | February 27, 2006

  2. The entire team including the coach should take a week off, forfeit all those games and attend a “basics” of basketball camp!

    Comment by mm | November 26, 2006

  3. I like this one. Nice view of how bad the Knicks suck because of Isaiah.

    Comment by Mark the Shark | December 3, 2007

  4. Nate Robinson is way better than Fred Jones and yet he’s too pig headed to start and give the better player minutes. Fred Jones hasn’t done anything and Nate has done so much. But when mashbury gets injured he gives Jones just as many minutes as Nate even though he does 5x better in the game.He’s so pig headed that he still wont bench Richardson even though he’s killing there chances of winning games. He lets his team do whatever, when they say something to the media about not starting he just grants there wish and lets them start again. When will he finally admit failure in his roster and finally make changes in who he plays and the coaches and players. A great coach/manager always knows when he’s the problem on a team. Obviously Isaih isn’t a great coach or he would have realized it by now!

    Comment by Argh! | January 16, 2008

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